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Experienced Solar

Skypoint Solar, Inc. is a company with world-class expertise in thin-film photovoltaics (“PV”) with a primary focus on the “CIGS” technology. The expertise spans the range between pure R&D to manufacturing development and operations. The Company is positioning itself to service the industry in two fashions:

  1. Advance thin-film PV to a market leadership position. Significant progress has been made towards viable, mainstream product and manufacturing infrastructure in thin-film based photovoltaics. It appears that the final hurdle is achieving cost, scale, performance and yield requirements in the CIGS technology in order that it may compete on a performance AND cost basis with crystalline Si technology. Skypoint is prepared to bring the necessary resources together, in a unique focused technology strategy, to accomplish this goal. Additionally, it is positioned to exploit the global opportunity through strategic European and Asian relationships. Skypoint seeks to create both near-term and long-term value through a combination of a joint-venture manufacturing and deployment operations in partner countries and an R&D, manufacturing and equipment supply operation in the U.S.

  2. Provide Professional Services to Industry players, Investors and Government. Skypoint’s Principals bring decades of technology, market, finance, manufacturing, legal, project development and associated experience to the table to help your organization fulfill its goals. Value-added services include:

    • Technology Due Diligence
    • Asset Valuation / Bankruptcy
    • Application Due Diligence
    • Financial Analysis
    • Pre-Commissioning & Tax Implications
    • Intellectual Property
    • Procurement & Regulatory Assistance
    • National & Local Incentives Analysis
    • Operational Modeling

The Skypoint Team combines a passion for renewable energy with substantial expertise in PV development, manufacturing, and deployment, as well as the operations of large-scale commercial enterprises.

Experienced Solar - the ability to provide clean energy to the world with the promise of a sustainable future.

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